How pokies casinos work

All pokies casinos work on the basis of RNG. This is a chip inside a ground pokies casinos or part of an online machine’s software. It generates hundreds of random numbers every second. Random sequences determine the set of symbols that are visible on the reels. Combinations are generated at the very moment when the player presses the launch button.

Because of the RNG, there is no strategy for online pokies . You can only determine the limits of money and time spent on pokies casinos.

The online pokies interface consists of the following elements:

  • reels with symbols;
  • control buttons – with their help a bet is made and the reels rotate;
  • information windows show the state of the game account and the amount of winnings on the current spin.

The interface depends on the manufacturer and model of the online pokies . For example, pokies casinos for mobile devices are configured for touch screens and contain a minimum of buttons.

Prize lines or paylines run through the reels. At the end of each turn, any symbols fall out. Several identical images, hitting the prize line, form a winning combination.

There are pokies casinos without prize lines. On them, the symbols line up sequentially on adjacent reels. Such machines are visible by the inscription on the screen: 243 (1024) ways to win.

Game process on the pokies casinos

The player only needs to determine the size of the bet and spin the reels. The total bet per spin is most often determined by one or more of the following:

  • denomination or value of a coin. Calculations in the online pokies are carried out using the in-game currency – coins or credits. One coin contains several credits;
  • the number of prize lines. Typically, a user activates paylines in a gaming machine. The default is usually the maximum value;
  • a line bet is coins or credits wagered on one line.

Many pokies casinos offer to change only the total bet. Usually they have a fixed number of lines.

After the bet is determined, the reels are launched. Most online pokies offer two buttons: Spin (or Start) and Autoplay. The first spins the reels once. The second launches the auto-spin mode – the reels rotate on their own. The autoplay mode is dangerous because it is not so easy to keep track of the funds spent in it.

Symbols and payouts on pokies casinos

Pokies casinos form combinations of symbols. To get a win, you need to make several identical symbols on the so-called prize lines.

Prize lines are the schemes indicated on the machine, the combinations on which bring winnings.

The average number of symbols on the reels is 10-13. Symbols can be divided into ordinary and special.

Regular symbols form combinations for which prizes are paid. Special – these are images with additional features. These include:

  • “wild”;
  • scatter;
  • bonus symbols.

“Wild” (wild) replace other symbols, complementing combinations that otherwise would not have formed due to discontinuities. Often the wilds have win multipliers or behave in a special way. There are sticky symbols that are fixed on the playing field. There are expanding ones that cover several cells or the entire drum. Thus, they give more chances of winning.

Scatter is a symbol that pays a prize regardless of its location on the playing field. He does not have to fall on the prize line. Most often, these images are awarded with free spins, respins and other bonuses.

Bonus symbols trigger additional games.

Calculation of winnings on the pokies casinos

Winning sequences are described in the paytable. The game screen necessarily contains a button or a link to it. The table shows the list of payouts or coefficients for certain combinations. It also contains special symbols and bonuses.

Combinations are divided into more expensive and cheaper. The prize for the most expensive can be many times greater than the bet made.

Each manufacturer creates its own scheme for calculating the gain. The most common algorithm is the multiplication of the linear bet by the corresponding coefficient. Some manufacturers take denomination or bet level as a basis (like NetEnt). Many developers do not write coefficients in the prize table, but immediately pay out in loans at the appropriate rates.

Bonus games and risk game

Most modern online pokies offer bonus games. Bonus rounds can be free spins and respins. Interactive mini-games are also common.

Pick-me type bonuses offer to select several objects and get paid for it. Usually the rounds are related to the theme of the pokies casinos. For example, bonus games in pokies casinos dedicated to Robin Hood often offer to make several shots at the target.

The risk game is a game that allows you to double the prize per spin by 2 or more times. It is activated after each successful spin. The most common type of risk game is guessing the color and/or suit of the card. Many pokies casinos include a cash ladder risk game. It is a pyramid, the blocks of which flash rapidly. You need to have time to press the button at the moment when the block with a higher value is highlighted. Then the user receives an increased win.

Other varieties of the risk game include even-odd and red-black. In any case, the correct answer doubles the winnings. Invalid – voids the prize and returns to the main game.

Additional indicators

Additional indicators that players may find useful are volatility and RTP.

Volatility characterizes how often and in what amounts prizes are given out. Low volatility pokies casinos reward often and in small amounts. Usually winnings per spin do not cover the bet. High volatility pokies casinos are rarely issued, but in large amounts. The profit almost always covers the costs incurred.

Depending on the volatility, a strategy for the pokies casinos is selected. It is important to choose such a bet size so as not to lose before receiving a large prize.

RTP is the theoretical return percentage. He says how many percent of the amounts invested in the machine will then return to the players in the long term. RTP does not guarantee the return of part of the funds to the user. This indicator characterizes only the general value – how much money will be returned on the online pokies as a whole.

However, the higher the return percentage, the more likely it is to win a prize. Modern online pokies have an RTP of 92% or more.

Usually, volatility and RTP are mentioned in pokies casinos reviews that are posted on information portals. Some manufacturers indicate the return percentage in the payout table.

Beginner Tips

Before you start playing at an online pokies, pay attention to the instructions for using the site, there is also the opportunity not to immediately start playing a real game, but to try yourself in a demo version. The rules of the demo game are the same as in the real one, but you are not offered to play for real money. So it will turn out to get in the know and boldly start playing for money.

After you feel that you are ready to win, study the process of withdrawing money, which systems cooperate with the site. After transferring money to your personal account, start playing.