Varieties of aussie pokies

Aussie pokies, like everything else, can be divided into several varieties. This categorization can be based on several different factors. This article looks at some of the most common ways to divide pokies casinos into varieties.

Bet sizes

One of the easiest ways to divide pokies casinos into varieties is to look at them in terms of bet sizes. Some of the games only accept pennies, while others allow you to wager dollars. At the same time, some games allow you to choose from several bet sizes.

Number of reels

The spinning symbols on the front of the machine are called “reels”. Previously, they were just large spools made of metal that physically rotated inside the machine, but now they usually serve only a representative function. In fact, in most modern pokies casinos, these reels are nothing more than screens.

Traditional old school pokies casinos have three reels, but more advanced pokies casinos use five reels. The extra reels allow even bigger jackpots to be offered, because with the extra reels it becomes much more difficult to win a prize.

Game type

Aussie pokies have undergone many changes in recent years. Starting from the most basic three-reel games, they have evolved into a highly interactive form of entertainment with lots of features, 3D graphics and immersive sound. In addition, you can play different types of pokies casinos depending on where you are in the world. The list below breaks down the most common types of games.

Pokies casinos of the second and third class

Many jurisdictions in Australia divide pokies casinos into two classes – Class 2 games and Class 3 games. The latter are traditional pokies casinos that you can find in Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City and other major gambling destinations. At the same time, second-class games can be found in smaller gambling destinations, often in states that only allow casinos that are owned by Indian tribes.

Class 3 pokies casinos are sometimes referred to as “Las Vegas Style” pokies casinos. The result of each spin depends on the spinning reels and each of these spins is an independent event. During each individual spin, anything can happen, be it a win or a loss.

On the other hand, pokies casinos of the second class are more like bingo or lotteries. Instead of playing against the house, as is the case in Vegas-style games, players play against each other in an attempt to win the jackpot, which has more in common with bingo and lotteries. The game looks, sounds and feels very similar to traditional pokies casinos, but the mathematics and mechanics that these pokies casinos are built on are completely different.

Fixed and progressive jackpot games

At one time, most pokies casinos only had fixed jackpot sizes. Games with a fixed maximum winning amount are called “flat top” pokies casinos, and such pokies casinos are still common. Although the jackpot is set low, the odds of winning that prize are far better than the odds of hitting the progressive jackpot.

Progressive pokies casinos have progressively increasing jackpots. This is usually an incredibly large jackpot, comparable to the money you would win in a lottery. The pokies casinos adds a small percentage of the bets placed to the jackpot until someone wins the jackpot. The pokies casinos then begins a new countdown from the starting jackpot amount.

Progressive jackpot pokies casinos, however, can be broken down even further. There are progressive pokies casinos where the jackpot is only on one pokies casinos, and these pokies casinos are called stand-alone progressive pokies casinos. Local network jackpots, on the other hand, combine multiple pokies casinos in a single casino so that all pokies casinos have a single jackpot. Such pokies casinos are also fairly common.

There are also wide-area progressive pokies casinos that link machines from multiple casinos. Such pokies casinos can theoretically win the largest jackpots because more players contribute to the jackpot fund with every spin of the reels, no matter where they are. The most famous type of such pokies casinos is the Megabucks network, which starts with a $10 million jackpot. In some cases, jackpots on such games have reached $20 million and even $30 million before anyone wins.

Online Pokies and Land Based pokies casinos

Online pokie machines are played using a computer over the Internet. These games function similarly to traditional Las Vegas pokies casinos, but all cash transactions are also processed using the Internet.

Online pokies have specific advantages and disadvantages over their land-based counterparts. The biggest advantage is that online games often have higher payout percentages. Online casinos do not have the same expenses as land-based casinos, which allows them to achieve higher payout percentages.

The main disadvantage of online gaming is that winnings are not received instantly. Winnings are deposited into your casino account, from which you must withdraw the money, but it usually takes a certain amount of time for the transaction to be processed, both by the casino’s own payment department and by the cash-out method you use.

Bow and tight pokies casinos

These “varieties” are almost entirely subjective. A loose game is one that pays out more frequently, while a tight game tends to reverse. However, the average casino customer does not have the ability to estimate the payout percentage on a particular pokies casinos, so saying that a particular game is loose is just an opinion. However, you will be able to find a large number of opinions on this issue in various gambling forums, especially when it comes to online gambling.

Pay Lines

Traditional pokies casinos have one pay line in the center of each of the three reels. When a particular combination of symbols is reached, the game pays money.

More modern pokies casinos have multiple pay lines on five reels. Some of these lines can be quite challenging, but they increase your chances of winning at least something on every spin. Some machines have three, five, or even 25 lines. One of the newer types of pokies casinos is the “243-line,” which takes full advantage of the payline concept.

Modern pokies casinos are often baffling, with bonus games and special wild symbols appearing in various forms. And that is what we can talk about now. Of course, more pokies casinos of all kinds will be developed in the future.