What are the types of aussie pokies?

In physical or online casinos, pokies casinos are a key element. There are also different types with different levels of play and winning possibilities. While some of them are very new and high tech, there are also old school models that have not lost their charm.

Classic roller machines

These are traditional pokies casinos consisting of several mechanical reels. This is a very old model of pokies casinos, by the way, the oldest. You can find three or five classic rolls depending on the version you have. These are famous vintage models that we see with fruit symbols, numbers and other things. Very often, mechanical rollers are controlled by an electronic system.

You can only play with one coin at a time and there is only one payline. This is a machine that is suitable for beginners or casual players. Opportunities to win are quite rare and many players get bored pretty quickly due to a certain amount of monotony. You can also find it even in online casinos in a digital version with the same working principle.


This type of slot machine has a more sophisticated design and a more attractive design. Here you can play with just over five reels, which increases the chances of winning. In addition, pokies casinos with video reels allow you to participate in mini-games and mini-draws. Here you will find hundreds of paylines.

In this type of pokies casinos, the reels are electronic and are displayed on the screen. This model is increasingly used in online casinos. In addition, new versions are constantly being created and brought to market. With effects, animations, and colors, playing this machine tends to be much more addictive. You can even participate in adventures while playing.

Online pokies

There are also pokies casinos where you can create an account on the online casino site and take advantage of the services offered. Indeed, the concept is completely based on the concept of the casino.

There are also online pokies where you can create an account on the online casino site and take advantage of the services offered. Indeed, the concept is completely based on the concept of physical casinos, but on your computer or smartphone. Casinos, blackjack and pokies casinos are available on these sites. You have many offers, wins and tournaments to have fun on these online slots just like you are in a real casino!


Poker machines use the principle of classic table poker. They display 5 cards that must be combined to win. The player may decide to keep or discard his cards. The combinations to get are the same as in the classic poker game. But here you are playing against the computer and the bet is often doubled.


As the name suggests, these are pokies casinos that allow you to play multiple games of your choice. These include poker, keno, videos, etc. These are more sophisticated machines with an even more ergonomic and intuitive design. To play, you choose the game you want to play and then place a bet.


It is in this category that we find video cassettes. This type of slot machine lists all pokies casinos with multiple paylines. You have a chance to win more, but obviously by placing more bets. You choose the number of paylines you want to play on. These are machines that sometimes offer game themes, such as symbolic characters.

Scalable or progressive machines

These are very popular cars, especially because of their crazy concept. In fact, this is a set of interconnected machines that increase the total jackpot with each bet. Sometimes connected machines are located in different casinos. Thus, each player has the opportunity to win a pretty solid prize pool.