Biggest wins in the online pokies!

Every day, thousands of players across the planet deposit money into online casinos in an attempt to walk away with the money. So, we prefer to tell you from the start: the online casino is always a winner in the end. However, it sometimes happens that some people win gains dreamed of by ordinary mortals.

To attract more and more players to their various pokies casinos, the providers provide players with very volatile slots. Thus, with a few cents of euros, it is potentially possible for you to win thousands, even millions of euros. Among the providers that offer the most volatile pokies casinos you have: Pragmatic Play, Hacksaw Gaming, Nolimit City or Microgaming.

In this article of the day, Lucky7Bonus will present to you the five biggest wins that have been won in the online casino world. In addition to the largest sums won, you will also have maximum winnings reached, especially on Nolimit City pokies casinos

Tombstone RIP

At the beginning of 2022, Nolimit City surprised everyone by deciding to offer the community the most volatile pokies casinos
in the world: Tombstone RIP. Version 2.0 of the Tombstone pokies casinos, this pokies casinos allows you to win up to 300,000 times your starting bet.

By visiting the latter, you will quickly understand why this pokies casinos is both very easy to understand, but where it is very difficult to win money on it. Many people break their teeth every day deciding to play it. However, one player managed to tame this slot.

By playing the minimum bet on this pokies casinos, which is €0.10, a player walked away with €30,000, i.e. he managed to unlock the maximum win that is on this slot. Thanks to an exceptional bonus, he or she is currently the only person to have achieved this feat.

San Quentin xWays

Another pokies casinos from Nolimit City that appears in this ranking: San Quentin xWays, which is none other than the second most volatile pokies casinos in the world. On this slot, you will find yourself in the heart of a prison. You will also have to try to escape with the maximum win which is 150,000 times your starting bet.

Released in 2021, this pokies casinos has already seen several players walk away with the maximum gain. This is particularly the case of an online casino player who managed to obtain the maximum bonus on this slot. Thanks to an exceptional set up and constant luck, he managed to walk away with the maximum winnings on the pokies casinos, namely $90,000. An exceptional bonus that would make any online casino player dream.

Wanted Dead or a Wild

How in a ranking of the biggest gains made, not to incorporate Roshtein. The famous Swedish streamer is renowned throughout the online casino planet for betting amounts that few people can afford to play.

For several months now, he has got into the habit of playing a pokies casinos a lot: Wanted Dead or a Wild. This creation of the Hacksaw Gaming provider has a very high volatility that can make you win up to 12,500 times your starting bet.

What makes the strength of this pokies casinos and what makes it so appreciated by players is that you will be able to obtain the maximum gain in two different ways. The first, by obtaining one of the three bonuses that are available to you. The second, during your paid games where a feature allows you to potentially have the maximum gain.

Because of playing this pokies casinos a lot, Roshtein sometimes gets destroyed on it. However, it also happens to the Swedish showman to win colossal sums, among the largest ever won in the world. On February 9, 2022, after a rather difficult session, Roshtein won one of the biggest payouts in the pokies casinos game world: $16,673,250.

Might of Ra

Another well-known streamer on the Twitch platform: Trainwrecks. The American is the most watched casino streamer right now. Just like his colleague Roshtein, he bets colossal sums that ordinary mortals cannot realize. A few weeks ago, this streamer won the largest sum ever in the online casino world.

It was on the Might of Ra pokies casinos from the Pragmatic Play provider that the latter won the maximum gain on this pokies casinos. Thanks to the bonus rounds, he manages, from the 2nd round, to obtain a full screen of wild. He knows it, his viewers know it, the sum won will be insane: 22.5 million euros.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to find a clip of when this prize was won. However, and this is normal, Trainwrecks spent many minutes watching this exceptional gain again, with friends of his.

Mega Moolah

Last gain on which we are going to look, and it will make all the players who read this article dream. It was on the Mega Moolah pokies casinos that one of the biggest multipliers ever was won by Jon Heywood, a Briton.

On October 6, 2015, he decided to have fun on the Mega Moolah pokies casinos machine, recognized worldwide for its exceptional jackpot. While having fun betting 0.25 cents, he managed to get the ultimate jackpot by pocketing 17,879,645 euros, a total of 71,518,580 times the initial bet.

The jackpot pocketed by the young man is currently the biggest, since he even has a page in Guinness World Records. Unfortunately, no video trace exists of this gain, only a photo of the young man with the check circulates.