Types of aussie pokies

What are the pokies casinos

Today, online casino operators offer thousands of real money pokies casinos that their customers can enjoy around the clock.

Online pokies are popular because they have many advantages, such as easy and understandable game rules. However, the first thing you need to familiarize yourself with is the types of pokies casinos.

All types of online pokies

The number of pokies casinos offered at online casinos can confuse even the most experienced player, but if you look closely, you can see that some games are similar to each other in one way or another.

Did you know?

The world’s first mechanical pokies casinos, Liberty Bell, was born back in 1895. The device consisted of three rotating reels, decorated with symbols of card suits.

There are two main categories of online pokies in casinos: classic and video pokies casinos. Consider their significant differences:

Classic Video pokies casinos
Reels 3 Mostly 5 or more
Paylines 1-5 Multi-linear (reach 1,000 or more), or absent.
Doubling game Not available. Introduced frequently .
Special icons There are analogues of the Wild and Scatter symbols, but this is rare. Multipliers, Wild, Scatter, and also Bonus and Jackpot symbols.
Bonus games None. Free spins, respins, wheel of fortune, item selection and others.
Jackpot Rare. Common.
Pros Simple game rules.
Easy to manage.
High %RTP.
Variety of themes.
Modern graphics and animation.
Various bonus options.< /td>
Cons Limited bonuses.
Few paylines.
Management is not always clear.
Jackpot often reduces percentage return.

Speaking of classic models, the so-called “fruit machines” are a separate subspecies with the most simple rules of the game: one payline, and pictures with different fruits are used as symbols.

Among video pokies casinos, games with a jackpot stand out noticeably: fixed or accumulative.

Innovative types of pokies casinos

In addition to 3-D pokies casinos with the most realistic graphics and animations, the following variations are also gaining popularity on the market:

  • VR pokies casinos – using virtual reality technology.
  • I-pokies casinos are interactive models with immersion in the game and progress through the plot by fulfilling additional requirements (line up certain symbols, complete a quest, a mini-game).
  • Mega spin – several games are launched at the same time.

Online pokies types: reels and paylines

In terms of the number of reels located on the playing field, the following pokies casinos are distinguished:

  • 3 reels is easy to learn and therefore ideal for beginners.
  • 5 reels is the majority of all pokies casinos that can be found in online casinos.
  • 6 or 7 reels – more chances of landing 3 or more scatter symbols and, accordingly, triggering the free spins mode.
  • 9 reels – winning chains can line up in different directions (horizontally, vertically, diagonally).

Types of pokies casinos by the number of prize lines

If we talk about the number of available paylines, online pokies are:

  • Kind Features
  • Single Line One payline.
  • Low Line From 5 to 10 paylines.
  • Multi-Lines Up to 100 classic paylines.

Nonlinear Standard chains are absent. The reward is formed due to different combinations of symbols.
Types of online pokies : division by game mechanics
The bonus features are mainly for entertainment, and how the pokies casinos actually works is shown by the game mechanics used. Let’s take a look at the most popular mechanics that are used in modern gaming machines and briefly outline their key features:


Traditional reel spins: prize sequences are formed on active lines after the reels stop. If there is no paid combination, the round is over.


Icons that have formed a winning combination disappear from the playing field, and symbols from adjacent cells migrate to their places – the Avalanche function (from English – an avalanche, a collapse).

These are the types of online pokies in which avalanches provide new chances for making winning combinations. The multiplier size increases with each cascade. The round ends if a new “collapse” does not bring a win. A bright representative of the cascading pokies casinos squad is Jammin Jars 2 from the British studio Push Gaming.

Cascading pokies casinos

Mechanics “Megaways”

An engine invented by Big Time Gaming but licensed by many providers.
The number of paylines available varies from spin to spin.
There are many ways to win a prize – in some titles there are more than 200,000 of them.

The number of icons on the reels is not fixed, but up to a maximum of 7 icons.

As an example (on the screen above), we have chosen a megaway pokies casinos with a Wild West theme – Western Gold Megaways. The game was developed by the iSoftBet studio. Users are offered up to 117,649 winning schemes in each spin.

Hold and Win mechanics

These types of pokies casinos include a feature that is triggered after a certain number of bonus symbols appear on the reels.
Players “collect” (hold) the symbols on the playing field for a set number of spins.
The more icons collected, the higher the prize.

Mechanics “InfiniReels”

Unique mechanics developed by NetEnt.
The number of reels can grow indefinitely: with each win, the system adds new reels (to the right of the usual ones).
There is no limit on the number of new reels, they continue to appear as long as the player wins.

Mechanics of InfiniReels pokies casinos

An exemplary example of this mechanic is the Gods of Gold InfiniReels pokies casinos with a maximum potential payout of x25,000. The game starts on three reels, but with the advent of a prize combination, their number increases to four. Is there a win on the field again? Catch +1 coil on the right, and so on.

Types of online pokies with prizes: cluster payouts
Cluster pokies casinos do not use standard paylines, instead they offer a reward for a cluster – a group of elements of the same type. This makes the gameplay more unpredictable and, more importantly, much more fun!

Features of the Cluster Pays system:

  • Paid combinations are created thanks to clusters of several identical symbols.
  • Matching icons must have a common horizontal or vertical border.
  • Due to the absence of paylines, the bet is placed on the round.
  • The more symbols form a cluster, the bigger the reward.

Pokies casinos with cluster payouts

One of such online pokies is Reactoonz 2 from Play’n Go studio. A funny plot with alien creatures and a cluster payout system attracts players from all over the world. In addition, the game uses the aforementioned cascading reels feature – a great combination!

Types of pokies casinos: Megaclusters principle

The game starts on a 4×4 grid, and the prize combinations are paid out in clusters. When a paid cluster lands, the winning icons break into 4 smaller symbols.

The playing field can increase up to 16 x 16 (256 cells). The grid resumes to its original size, when it is no longer possible to make a prize cluster.


The Gaming industry never sleeps – software providers are constantly working on creating new online pokies to satisfy even the pickiest of gourmets.

Knowing what types of online pokies are present in the lobby of an online casino will help the gambler quickly determine the model that will best suit their bankroll, needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of pokies casinos ?

There are several main categories: classic, fruit, video pokies casinos , with jackpots, 3D pokies casinos .

What is the difference between classic pokies casinos and video pokies casinos ?

The number of reels, prize lines, and the lack of bonus features.

How are online pokies divided by mechanics?

All types of pokies casinos are divided by mechanics into the following popular subspecies: traditional, cascading, megaways, all ways win, infinireels.

What is the essence of Megaways mechanics?

A huge number of prize sequences. In some pokies casinos there are more than 200 thousand of them.

How does the Cluster Pays system work?

Winnings are formed on the basis of clusters of the same type of symbols adjacent to each other horizontally or vertically. There are no traditional paylines.