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Web Agency Fortune – What Is It?

Web Agency Fortune is a product that can help you start your own web design agency.  Simply put, your purchase gives you 11 niche sites that are pre-designed and only need basic input from you to be ready to roll out to your clients.

Additionally, you get a twelfth done-for-you site design for your agency.  This can foster instant legitimacy for your potential clients to see that you have the knowledge and capabilities to design web sites.

This product boils down to offering you a steppingstone into the world of client-based services.  If you can build a website, you can start to offer other services, too.  If you’re new to the digital marketing business, this is a great product to get you started.  If you’re a veteran, the templates that are designed are high quality and perfect for any potential clients in the given niches.  You’ll just be making your web design projects a lot easier.


What Do I Get for Purchasing Web Agency Fortune?

  • Done-For-You Web Agency Business
  • 100% Customizable
  • Create & Install Within Minutes
  • Built For WordPress (Easy to Use)
  • Sell To Prospects TODAY – Commercial Rights Included
  • BEAUTIFUL Royalty Free Images
  • No Coding EVER – No Design Skills Needed
  • 12 STUNNING Business Websites
  • Content + Sales Video Included

Is There Anything Else I Need to Get Started?

You need to put in the work.  You aren’t going to be able to buy this product, sit back, and have the clients flock to you.  You have to market yourself and get your name out there.  If you have the drive and hustle, I believe this product can be a door-opening experience into the digital marketing world.

There are a few upsells (OTOs or One-Time-Offers), as with most digital products.  You do not need them to get started, and I’m sure they’ll be available if you decide not to buy them at the time of your initial purchase (though, the price might rise if you defer purchase).

As of now, there are four OTOs.

  1. Upgrade Package
    1. Remove watermark
    2. Prospecting emails
    3. Agency Legal Document Templates
  2. Web Agency Fortune Extended Niches
    1. 25 additional niches
    2. No watermark
  3. Extra Marketing Materials for 40 Niches
    1. 40 PPT Videos
    2. 500+ Social Media Images
  4. Local Video Fortune
    1. 60 Local videos in 20 niches
    2. US and UK Voiceover
    3. Whiteboard and Blackboard Version
    4. PowerPoint templates
    5. Square Video

Last Words

There are a lot of digital marketing products out there, and many of them fall short of what they claim to do.  Web Agency Fortune gives you the tools to build beautifully designed websites quickly and easily.  To make it “work” for you relies on you.  If you don’t put the effort in to build your business, you won’t see much benefit from a product like this.

If you have the desire to start your own web design agency or if you want to add fantastic web design templates to your portfolio, this is a great product to purchase.

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